About 1789: Charlotte Corday

30’’ x 30’’, Ed. 50

About 1789: Mirabeau’s First Funeral

32’’ x 30’’, Ed. 50

About 1789: Robespierre’s Dream

30’’ x 30’’, Ed.50

Blue Highway

36’’ x 36’’

Circe (EP2015-006)

39 1/2’’ x 40’’, Ed. 12

Circe (EP2015-007)

39 1/2’’ x 40’’, Ed.12

Napoleon in Egypt (EP2015-015)

35 3/4’’ x 40’’, Ed. 12

Napoleon: First Consul

45’’ x 48’’

Ophelia (EP2015-005)

40’’ x 39 1/2’’, Ed.12

Ophelia (EP2015-004)

40’’ x 39 1/2’’, Ed. 12


Tony Scherman has the technical expertise, the intellectual drive and, above all, the personal will to drag this dark side of existence into the light – event by event, face by face, destiny by destiny – exposing what constitutes the very essence of revolutionary terror, imperial terror, in other words what lies at the core of politics, perhaps even at the heart of the tragedy of human existence.

What this other kind of painting proposes is a new body without a body which, through a smooth, metonymic shift is represented simply by a head, or a single, inordinately enlarged eye, or, by metaphorical displacement, as a dog, a cockerel, or an eagle. Here is power deprived of power; here is glory from which the glory has melted away, weighed down by its burden of foul deeds, whether it is called Robespierre, Charlotte Corday, Marat, Bonaparte, Napoleon, David, Speer, Goebbels, Himmler… here is what Tony Scherman has been painting for the last few years.

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