Spark of Light

30’’ x 36’’

Spring Awakening

31 1/2’’ x 43’’


48’’ x 84’’


42’’ x 44’’


48’’ x 48’’

Infinity Series #4

24’’ x 24’’

Joie de Vivre

48’’ x 60’’


53’’ x 55’’


48’’ x 60’’

Velours Noir I

60’’ x 72’’

Velours Noir II

60’’ x 72’’


There is rarely any forward planning, materials and choices are made randomly, colors and mediums are selected in accordance with the needs of what transpires at the moment. At times , when I run out of materials, I start creating alternative mediums, dilute pigments, add thinners or modeling paste and come up with new means depending on my state of being. It becomes a total alchemy. The outcome for the most part is greatly satisfying and unexpected. My mind keeps rushing, thus reassuring me that everything goes.

Internal cravings change without previous warnings. Chance plays the most significant role. What appeals to me is the moment’s uniqueness and fleeting nature whereby everything else ceases to exist. The process of painting is a phenomenally mysterious practice. Following prescribed formulas, one is guided by a course of action, in my case however, the method is entirely experimental and resourceful and temporaneous.

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