’’Et in Arcadia Ego’’ No. 28

24 1/4’’ x 25 1/4’’

’’Le chant de la terre’’ #20

80’’ x 36’’

(No) Man’s Land

44’’ x 33’’, Ed. 25

(No) Man’s Land #15

30’’ x 22’’

’’Paysages 1996-2019’’ N

15’’ x 15’’

’’Paysages 1996-2019’’ G

20’’ x 20’’

Persephone’s Island #2 (Spring)

40’’ x 36’’

Persephone’s Island No. 13 [Fall]

20’’ x 36’’

Suite Roumaine No 8

36’’ x 80’’

Temporale No. 4

36’’ x 52’’

’’Temporale’’ No. 13

36’’ x 80’’

’’Trinacria’’ No. 6

32’’ x 96’’

’’Winter Drawings on Summer Notes’’ No. 4

25’’ x 45’’

’’Winter Drawings on Summer Notes’’ No. 11

24’’ x 80’’

’’Winter Drawings on Summer Notes’’ No. 12

23’’ x 43’’

’’Winter Drawings on Summer Notes’’ No. 20

23’’ x 25’’

Bréviaire Méditérranéen No. 7

8’’ x 11’’, Ed. 1 AP

Persephone’s Island No. 14

11’’ x 15’’

Persephone’s Island #19

15’’ x 11’’

Persephone’s Island No. 15

11’’ x 15’’


Peter Krausz was born in Romania in 1946. Between 1964 and 1969, he studied ‘monumental painting’ at the Institute of Fine Arts in Bucharest. In 1970, he moved to Montreal, where he has been working ever since. His vast and diverse artistic practice includes painting, drawing, installation and photography.

During the 1980s, he was Curator and Director of the Saidye Bronfman Center Art Gallery and a professor at Concordia University. Since 1991, he has taught art at the Université de Montréal where he is now a tenured professor in the Department of Art History and Film Studies.

Since 1970, Peter Krausz has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, the United States and Europe. His works are found in private and public collections such as the collection of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the National Museum of Fine Arts of Quebec, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Montreal, and the Jewish Museum of New York among many others.

He is the recipient of scholarships from the Canada Council for the Arts and the Quebec Ministry of Culture and the winner of several competitions for projects integrating art into architecture.

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