Blue Gradient

4’’ x 4’’

Erin in White

12’’ x 12’’

Manhattan Hotel Room

24’’ x 24’’

Near the Shoreline

6’’ x 6’’

Night Call

60’’ x 60’’

Out of the Darkness

48’’ x 48’’

Red Phoenix

24’’ x 24’’

The Seeker

48’’ x 32’’

White Cabinet II

12’’ x 12’’

Window Watcher

24’’ x 24’’

A Moment of Rest

17 1/2’’ x 48’’


5’’ x 5’’

Dervla Classic

48’’ x 32’’

Grey Couch

23’’ x 48’’

Mirror In the Rose Room

18’’ x 18’’

Pink Flower

4’’ x 4’’

Red Flower

4’’ x 4’’

Within The Magnolias

11’’ x 12’’


Shaun Downey’s (b. Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, 1978) realist paintings frame the views beyond the periphery. His scenes—not quite portraits, not quite character studies—bring quiet to the chaos of our times while breathing new life into its colder corners. Downey’s tools extend well beyond the brush and palette: light, line and colour are the architectural supports for his primary medium, solitude. His subjects, alone but not lonely, seem to listen to and converse with the quiet around them. Wondering at the window, lingering at the mirror, gazing into the middle ground or yearning at a faraway horizon—these are the rare and elegant moments in which the spaces we’re in become precisely the spaces we need, honest vessels for self-reflection.

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