All Its Moments

55’’ x 65’’

Between The Changes

40’’ x 50’’

Distance Out of Reach

60’’ x 80’’

Does Not Yet Know

60’’ x 60’’

Easy To Find

30’’ x 30’’

Falling Back On It

40’’ x 40’’

Hvodjra No17

40’’ x 55’’

Hvodjra No19

50’’ x 50’’

Kairoi No41

30’’ x 30’’

Only Now

65’’ x 55’’

Ouvert No17

24’’ x 24’’

Ouvert No34

62’’ x 77’’

Ouvert No52

24’’ x 24’’

Set Out On Its Own

50’’ x 50’’

There Is Nobody There

55’’ x 65’’

Were Not Always

55’’ x 65’’

What Has Become

60’’ x 72’’


The work of painter Scott Pattinson (b. 1974, Toronto) may be seen in the context of an early 21st century resurgence of formalism unburdened by the meta-narratives of modern abstraction. Pattinson’s thematically organized oil paintings are micro-narratives of collective experience articulated through colour, texture and an exacting spatial sensibility.

Pattinson studied architecture and urban design at the University of Toronto and completed a BES in Urban Design from the University of Waterloo. Since 2005, he has exhibited in numerous group and solo shows in galleries across Canada, including a 2014 retrospective at Gallery Stratford. His work is held at Gallery Stratford as well as in numerous corporate and private collections in Canada, Dubai, Italy, France and the US.

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