All In (BM37)

72’’ x 60’’

Breathe Out (BM01)

60’’ x 72’’

Desire Moments (BM35)

72’’ x 96’’

Engage (BM06)

72’’ x 60’’

Evolve (BM03)

72’’ x 96’’

Find Time (BM13)

60’’ x 72’’

Float (BM08)

48’’ x 36’’

Hustle and Flow (BM02)

60’’ x 72’’

Keep it Close (BM04)

60’’ x 72’’

Now or Never (BM29)

96’’ x 72’’

Passion 22 (BM34)

72’’ x 96’’

Whip (BM36)

72’’ x 96’’

Why Not (BM05)

72’’ x 60’’

118 Looks (BM12)

60’’ x 72’’

18 Meanings & Reasons (BM11)

72’’ x 96’’


Boonji Spaceman (BM32)

81’’ x 32’’ x 32’’

Candy Heart (BM18)

24’’ x 24’’ x 7’’

Candy Heart (BM19)

24’’ x 24’’ x 7’’

Candy Heart (BM21)

24’’ x 24’’ x 7’’

Candy Heart (BM22)

24’’ x 24’’ x 7’’

Candy Heart (BM23)

24’’ x 24’’ x 7’’

Candy Heart (BM24)

24’’ x 24’’ x 7’’

Candy Heart (BM25)

24’’ x 24’’ x 7’’

Fat Pig (BM14)


Fat Pig (BM31)


It’s Time to Groove (BM16)


RPM (BM26)

48’’ x 8’’ x 7’’

Soldier (BM27)

16’’ x 20’’ x 4’’

The Next Step (BM15)

41’’ x 14’’ x 15’’


Brendan Murphy is a world renowned artist. Brendan was born in Bloomington, Indiana but grew up in Providence, R.I. Brendan’s artistic career began in New York City where he mentored under New York’s most iconic painters – Eric Fischl, David Salle, and Ross Bleckner. Their influence is evident in Brendan’s command of color and experimentation with form. Brendan continues to push the walls of creativity beyond the confines of the canvas and has since explored sculpture work, concept pieces, and a wide range of different materials and tools. In doing so, Brendan has developed his own style, a definitively dynamic mix of the abstract and figurative form.

Each of Brendan’s works maintain a consistent exploration of color, language, and symbols. Thematically, Brendan explores the interplay of beauty, power and the need to understand the energies of life. Brendan is particularly inspired by art’s potential to transmit positive energy, and the effect that the positive energy has on society as a whole. Brendan’s talent lies in his ability in balancing these various elements of exploration against the backdrop of his greatest inspirations; formulas, equations, relationships and the spectrum of human emotion.

Brendan currently works from his home based studios in Malibu, Ca and Miami, Fl. Brendan’s work is represented in over 600 private collections and his newest work can be seen at all of the large Art Fairs around the world. His most notable collectors include Jorge Paulo Lemann, Ryan Gosling, Larry Page, Warren Buffet, Serena Williams, Steve Lefkowitz, Novak Djokovic, Grigor Dimitrov, Bracken Darrell, Steph Curry, Scott Prince, and Ron Mark.

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