Macaron Tower

18’’ x 9’’ x 9’’

Special Assortments

22’’ x 17’’ x 5’’

Wonderous Variety

36’’ x 36’’ x 5’’

Dark Bar

22’’ x 8’’ x 3’’

Blue - Hug Me

9’’ x 9’’ x 3’’

Green - Be Mine

9’’ x 9’’ x 3’’

Pink - Love You

9’’ x 9’’ x 3’’

Purple - XOXO

9’’ x 9’’ x 3’’

White - Luv Ya

9’’ x 9’’ x 3’’

Yellow - Kiss Me

9’’ x 9’’ x 3’’

Dream Donuts

18’’ x 27’’ x 6’’

Red, White, & Blue Ice Bar

22’’ x 9’’ x 4’’

Let’s Hug

9’’ x 9’’ x 3’’


Peter Anton’s (b. 1963, New Haven, Connecticut) primary subject matter is food with an emphasis on chocolates and other sweets. Anton creates giant realistic sculptures and is best known for his larger-than-life boxed chocolates. Declaring, “I like to create art that can lure, charm, tease, disarm and surprise,” Peter Anton produces oversized, lushly detailed and delicious-looking sculptures of food. “I have an innate reverence for the things we eat,” he says. “Food brings people together and there is no better way to celebrate life…”

Peter Anton’s work has been extensively exhibited in solo shows throughout the world. He has also exhibited in numerous museums, including a solo exhibition at the Netherlands’ Museum Jan van der Togt in Amstelveen. His work is widely collected and is featured in several prestigious private, corporate, and museum collections.

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