T.M. Glass

May 7, 2020 - May 19, 2020


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About the Exhibition

The work of Toronto artist T.M. Glass opens a door to other ways of considering photography by exploring the historical, technological and aesthetic conditions of the medium to stretch it beyond its traditional definition. Utilizing cutting edge photographic technology, the artist works with each image to create complex details and textures using a digital painting technique developed throughout the years.

Stemming from a deep, personal engagement in horticulture, the artist’s primary subject matter became the persistent allure of flowers. Glass pairs flora from renowned gardens with historic vessels from museums and distinguished collections. The artist works directly with curators to arrange photography sessions and understand the vessels’ history. The resulting lens-based digital paintings seem like a traditional photograph from afar, however, upon closer inspection the depth of the work is revealed in colours and textures unique to Glass’ practice. A single work may demand months of production time.