Shaun Downey

December 3, 2020 - December 15, 2020

GdB Toronto

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About the Exhibition

Born in 1978 Shaun Downey spent his childhood in Oshawa, Ontario. As the end of high school drew near Shaun decided to stick with his gut and pursue a career as an artist. He studied illustration in Sheridan College’s three-year illustration program. At Sheridan Shaun built his sensibilities and tastes regarding what he wanted to express in his work, and at the end of the three years he decided that being an illustrator was not for him. He wanted to spend more time on his work than the profession usually allows, so decided to start exhibiting his paintings.

Shaun’s first show at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition in 2003 was a great success, and Shaun soon moved to Toronto’s west end. After showing at several group exhibitions around Toronto, he became represented by Ingram Gallery in 2005, having two solo exhibitions and showing at four Toronto International Art Fairs with them. He has been with Galerie de Bellefeuille since 2012.