Carmelo Blandino

August 20, 2020 - September 1, 2020

GdB Toronto

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About the Exhibition

Where Carmelo Blandino has proved himself exceptional is coaxing forth of something deeper and greater from his subjects. His works unify raw, earthly sensuality with the transcendental, the ineffable: verve and vivacity interwoven with clarity and serenity.

“My work is a continuance of the practice of the Buddhist monks who would bring a single flower to their meditation session. They would ask the students to stare at it in silence for a long period of time. Eventually, the student comes to realize that he is gazing upon his own true form: a higher Self materializes within the form of the flower and the flower transcends beyond its visual appearance. Recognizing that all energy originates from one source, the mind is elevated to a more enlightened. The student and the flower are one.”

Today, the paintings of Blandino are widely known for their immediacy and their sensual, even lascivious expressions of colour, movement, and shape. His work is exhibited in New York, Palm Beach, Naples, Stockholm, Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto and his beloved Montreal. He has conducted summer workshops at Von Liebig Art Center of Naples, Florida, and taught drawing for many years at Dawson College in Montreal before transplanting to Naples, Florida where he lives today.