Effritement 3

36’’ x 48’’

Effritement 4

36’’ x 48’’

Effritement 5

24’’ x 30’’

Empreinte 1

15’’ x 12’’

Empreinte 2

15’’ x 12’’

Empreinte 5

9’’ x 14’’

Mantra 1

30’’ x 36’’

Matiéres en mouvement 15

32’’ x 40’’

Matiéres en mouvement 16

12’’ x 16’’

Matiéres en mouvement 21

30’’ x 36’’

Totem 3

24’’ x 30’’


Lakes speak to us. They have been, since the dawn of time, a source for religious rituals, inspiration, as well as philosophical and imaginary wandering; a place to which one can escape and dream. A lake becomes domesticated slowly. We first get to know it for its beauty and grandeur. Next, in its essence, spirit, and strength. Later on, perhaps, we get to know its obscure qualities, often mysterious; the ways in which it is undefinable, elusive, even as it becomes familiar with time. It leaves its physical and imaginary mark on us.

In this new body of work, Provost eludes to the imprints or traces left by the many visits to Meech Lake, by canoe, most often at dusk and in the late evening. This repertoire allows us to reflect on lakes as territory, a resource of delicate freshwater that must be protected in this era of climate change, but equally as a source of inspiration and teachings.

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