Roman Frieze MMIII-X

14 1/2’’ x 55 1/2’’


85’’ x 72’’

Pigment Study MMVI-XVIII (Mediteranean Blue)

20’’ x 20’’


The recent paintings of Marcia Myers uniquely remind us of the two great eras of fresco painting: ancient Rome and the Renaissance. The striking paintings she has created in the twenty-first century evoke an older yet timeless beauty defining both historic periods.

Myers suggests that the otherwise vast distance in time from ancient Rome, the Italian Renaissance, and her work may seem to vanish because of the shared sensibility that links all who paint in the fresco medium. Decorative, representational, or abstract, fresco painting is a unique process that involves infusing pigment into a wet surface of wall or, in Myers’ case, a linen canvas. Through this technique the medium can become the aesthetic, and the painting itself can be the subject and substance of the work, all to the visual and intellectual delight of the viewer.

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