Dickinson Green with Terra Cotta

41’’ x 31’’

Holland Browns

8’’ x 8’’

Pastoral Green

16’’ x 16’’

Orange Flower with Script

10’’ x 10’’

Siskin Green with Pink

16’’ x 16’’

Country Blue

14’’ x 18’’

Green with Ice Blue

6’’ x 6’’

Navy Blue with Pink

12’’ x 12’’

Pale Blue with Pink

16’’ x 12’’

Sand Green

8’’ x 6’’

Berlin Blue with Coral

12’’ x 16’’

Blue Hedgerow

40’’ x 50’’

Blue Mood

18’’ x 14’’

Blue Violet with Black

24’’ x 24’’

Cheveux marron avec tuque

16’’ x 16’’


32’’ x 34’’

Flowers with Sage Green

24’’ x 24’’

Golden Stars with Blue

40’’ x 40’’

Green Leaves with Ochre

40’’ x 40’’

Mint Lavender

8’’ x 6’’

Mustard Yellow with Blue

6’’ x 8’’

Old Rose Victoria

36’’ x 36’’

Orange with Dots

16’’ x 16’’

Pink Vase with Green Patch

8’’ x 16’’

Portia Pink

16’’ x 24’’

Rhodes Blue

48’’ x 51’’

Smoke Green with Pink

7’’ x 7’’

Summer Solstice

48’’ x 51’’

Tangiers Red and Blue

48’’ x 51’’

Theatre Red with Yellows

29’’ x 36’’

Tonal Stripes with Yellow

12’’ x 12’’

Yellow Meadow

6’’ x 8’’

Cinder Rose with Yellow Dots

16’’ x 16’’

Jade Green with Dusty Pink

18’’ x 24’’

Venetian Red with Bird

24’’ x 24’’

Estate Green

16’’ x 12’’

Snow White

12’’ x 16’’

Fleurs de Trianon

34’’ x 42’’

Offenbach Tales

38’’ x 36’’

Red Drum

6’’ x 8’’


Jennifer Hornyak was born in England, where she studied at the Grimsby School of Art before coming to Canada. For more than forty years, her work has been exhibited in prestigious galleries across North America, at international art fairs, and in many corporate collections. She works and lives in Montreal.

Hornyak is known for her vivid and distinctly textured paintings that blur the line between figuration and abstraction. Drawing inspiration from her surroundings, she creates work that is both intimate and universal. Through both colour and texture, Hornyak builds a structure for each painting that emanates a still life motif.

“Regardless of my intentions, the final shape of each flowerpot is a direct reflection of my mood. The objects may be the same, but how I paint them entirely depends on how I feel about the world that day. ” She uses areas of pale and deep hues to build up a well-integrated negative space that surrounds her freely-rendered floral still life subjects. The spontaneous brushwork and undiluted colour are reminiscent of the Fauve group of painters of a century ago.

She lives and works in Montreal.

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