Iconic Marilyn in Brilliant Gold

61’’ x 14’’ x 18’’

Black Venus

66’’ x 21’’ x 29’’

Breakfast at Tiffany’s (Variation 5)

62’’ x 13’’ x 18’’

Breakfast at Tiffany’s (Variation 6)

62’’ x 13’’ x 17’’


62’’ x 35’’ x 32’’

Champagne Celebration

63’’ x 27’’ x 33’’

Golden Era

61’’ x 26’’ x 34’’

Iconic Marilyn in Iridescent Gold 3

62’’ x 15’’ x 19’’

Just Too Much

65’’ x 14’’ x 21’’

Ms. Parallel Universe

60’’ x 18’’ x 20’’

Original Blonde Bombshell (Variation 2)

62’’ x 33’’ x 30’’

Vintage Cameo

62’’ x 24’’ x 27’’

Blondes Have More Fun

45’’ x 37’’ x 23’’

Big Hair Big Dreams

39’’ x 28’’ x 20’’

Buck Berry

27’’ x 16’’ x 18’’

Control of the Masses 14

7’’ x 30’’ x 4’’

Control of the Masses 16

7’’ x 30’’ x 4’’

Control of the Masses 17

7’’ x 30’’ x 4’’

Control of the Masses 20

7’’ x 31’’ x 4’’

Control of the Masses 22

7’’ x 29’’ x 4’’


Toronto artist Sophie DeFrancesca has always been fascinated by vintage fashion. Pictures of her mother wearing gorgeous frocks from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s served as a connection to her after her passing in the artist’s early childhood. Most of her mother’s clothes were handmade by extended family members out of necessity, not bought. As a new immigrant escaping the horrors of war in Europe, her resilient mother embraced North American culture, and the optimism that came with it. As a young child, DeFrancesca remembers being captivated by her as well as the other maternal figures in her life, considering them goddesses fit for worship.

DeFrancesca’s new works are interpretations of the gowns and dresses of some of the most influential designers of the twentieth century including Dior, Chanel and Cassini. The iconic women who wore their brilliant creations were the artist’s mother’s inspiration, and they’ve continued to inspire generations of women to this day. The artist’s new works are therefore an homage to the designers who enabled a woman’s inner beauty and grace to be reflected on the outside.

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