Blue Hills Nest Bonsai with Pear

34 1/2’’ x 19 1/2’’ x 19’’

Blue Pantry

77’’ x 36’’ x 9’’

Good Morning Apples (breakfast table)

28 3/4’’ x 24’’ x 25’’

Good Morning Pears

30 3/4’’ x 43 1/4’’ x 17’’

Nose Hill Apple Table (Breakfast Table)

29 1/4’’ x 27’’ x 26’’

Ripening Orchard Table “Coffee Table”

17 3/4’’ x 32 1/2’’ x 25 1/2’’

Strawberry Pantry

23 1/4’’ x 25 3/4’’ x 6 1/2’’

Sun Yellow Pantry

23 1/4’’ x 25 3/4’’ x 6 1/2’’


Victor Cicansky was born in Regina, Saskatchewan in 1935. He studied at the University of Saskatchewan (BEd 1964); the Haystack Mountain School of Art, Deer Island, Maine; and at the University of California, Davis (MFA 1970). He was a member of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Regina for many years and a guest lecturer at universities in Canada and the United States, including the University of California, Davis. His clay and more recent bronze sculptures often describe the cultural, agricultural and historical circumstances of the Canadian mid-west.

Victor Cicansky has received numerous honors and awards. His major commissions include large scale ceramic murals for the Government of Saskatchewan, the Co-operators Group and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Principal collections including his work are: National Gallery of Canada; Saskatchewan Telecommunications; Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal; Musée d’ Art Contemporain, Montreal; Art Gallery of Hamilton; McCarthy and McCarthy, Toronto; Burlington Art Gallery; Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo; Charlottetown Museum of Fine Arts; MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina; Lavalin Inc.; Saskatchewan Arts Board; Northern Telecom Canada.

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