Audrey ’’Always & Forever’’

36’’ x 36’’

Bardot ’’Red&Pink’’

40’’ x 40’’

Bugs Bunny Having Fun (Stamp)

30’’ x 30’’

Comic Stripe ’’LOVE’’

48’’ x 48’’

Dali ’’I get the Munchies’’

44’’ x 44’’

David Bowie ’’Brixton’’

36’’ Round

Felix the Cat

30’’ x 30’’

Marilyn Flag

24’’ x 24’’

Marilyn Stamp

34’’ x 34’’

Mosaïque Candy Jolly Rancher

60 1/2’’ x 60 1/2’’

Mosaïque Hommage to Keith Haring

60 1/2’’ x 60 1/2’’

Mosaïque Masters of Pop Art ’’Andy-rouge’’

60’’ x 60’’

Mosaïque Maters of Pop Art ’’Hello’’

60’’ x 60’’

Puzzle ’’Captain America’’

53’’ x 48’’

Snoopy & friends

60’’ x 60’’

The Birds

48’’ x 40’’


44’’ x 44’’

Vinyl ’’All you need is Love’’

46’’ Round

Vinyl ’’Let’s Rock’’

46’’ Round

Vinyl ’’Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend’’

46’’ Round

Vinyl ’’Live and let Dry’’

46’’ Round

Vinyl ’’Snoopy Jazz’’

46’’ Round


Boudro is a Montreal artist with a New York heart and is unquestionably part of the pop art movement. His work integrates artistic expression, culture, consumerism, and advertising. Like an ode to markers of time, Boudro uses colour and contrast to immortalize the practices and behaviours of an entire generation. An artist of uncommon precision, his aesthetics and approach have earned him worldwide attention with works that reflect a hectic lifestyle reminiscent of the feverish atmosphere of the Big Apple or the urban ballet of brands and celebrities.

For the past 25 years, Boudro’s work has captivated many collectors. Warhol, Haring, Lichtenstein and Rosenquist have all been influential and significant figures for the artist. His style ingeniously combines his pop roots with a surrealist spirit that shines through in his use of unexpected juxtapositions and dreamlike compositions.

Boudro’s art also includes popular symbols in various collections: stamps, puzzles, mosaics, etc. From content to medium. Boudro is cunning and teasing, juxtaposing the past with the present to enable the present to go “Pop!”, “Boom!”, and “Wow!”.