VOLZ, Wolfgang

Wolfgang Volz works in collaboration with the artist couple of Christo and Jeanne-Claude. For over a quarter of a century, Wolfgang Volz has accompanied them in the search for suitable locations for their work and has helped them to co-ordinate the huge tasks of preparation and installation. Above all, though, he has taken pictures – almost non-stop, we have to assume. He photographs potential locations, with the results then serving as the basis for sketches and plans. He documents the development of the work, from the initial negotiations with local people, politicians and landowners right up to the moment the last cable is secured. And he interprets the works of art. From every angle. At all times of day and night. In colour and in black-and-white. In classic format and in the proportions of the endless panoramic view. When Christo and Jeanne-Claude envelop a landscape or a building with their lengths of material, seal off a valley with a curtain, run their fabric fence through the hills of California, surround islands off the coast of Florida with floating skirts or wrap structures like the Pont Neuf or the Reichstag in glittering garb, or the gates in New York, the results last just a few days. Their works of art are ephemeral. It is Wolfgang Volz’s photographs which save them for posterity. Whether we like it or not, it is his images which at some point become part of our memory.

– Freddy Langer

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