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“Kevin Sonmor’s heroic, post-apocalyptic paintings […] reference dark brooding abstract landscapes animated with tight, intensely coloured, realistically ordered still-lifes. Hints of survival and the hope of the unseen people are encoded in these enigmatic altar-like settings, covered with rich royal red tapestries and sumptuous blue velvets offering sanctuary for chalices and bright sacrificial flowers. Could this bounty of picked blossoms indicate man’s expectancy to still harvest nature for his own use? Sonmor’s apparent contradictions suggest a mysterious, otherworldly character of spirituality. “This is my view of reality. The tragedy of Western culture is hard to avoid.”

Sonmor has abstracted the atmosphere of rugged Romanticism recalled in Nineteenth-century works such as Turner’s turbulent stormy seas and thunderous skies. This artist has tormented Friedrich’s hanging cliffs and dreary stillness of endless ocean implying the powerlessness of man in the face of mighty nature. His tragic backgrounds suggest the force of human self-destructiveness, but his vibrant altars imply man’s ability to survive his own malignant tendencies.”

-Anne Severson, Vie des arts

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