Robert Silvers and the medium of Photomosaic™

Robert Silvers is a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a master’s degree in Media Arts and Sciences. Silvers is the creator of Photomosaics™ that have graced the covers of Life, Newsweek and Wired magazines. His work has also been the focus of national media attention on Dateline NBC, Good Morning America Sunday, CNN and MSNBC as well as notable publications as Fortune, USA Today, and The New York Times. Robert has co-authored and published two books on his work, one in 1997 entitled Photomosaics, and another in October of 2000 entitled Photomosaic Portraits.

Photomosaics™ combines art, photography, and computer graphics, creating composite pictures using a myriad of individual images, often from a reservoir of many thousand, which are assembled as two-dimensional matrix to form a new tiled image that typically features an intrinsic theme of the components. For instance, Silvers’ Anne Frank is made up of 2,304 photographs of the holocaust while Marilyn Monroe is made up of 4,608 photographs taken by Bruno Bernard from all stages of the actresses’ career.

Although the overall work is appreciated with moderate distance, usually an arm’s length away or more, upon closer inspection each and every individual photograph or image is readily perceivable. Silvers ability to choose images based on their clarity, content, color and brightness permits him to fabricate larger images without resorting to digital manipulation of the composites.

Available work :