“I call myself a classicist not to distance myself from any specific artistic tendency of this or the last century, but because the term applies most clearly to the period in which I have the greatest interest and from which I believe, we still have much to learn. In fact, I believe that the art of the twentieth century with its astonishing imagination and variety richly enhances the informed viewer or student with new ways to understand the lessons of the past. As an example, conceptual art helps us to comprehend the importance of the underlying theory of much classical art as well as the sometimes obscure meanings and complicated geometrical structures which can, in turn, carry their own complex meanings.”

“Polykleitos, Poussin and many, many others from Greek vase painters to French revolutionaries provide us with possibilities for a new and inclusive classical ideal. This ideal includes the integration of diversity, reverence for nature, heightened perceptual and technical abilities, the radical pursuit of knowledge and the embracing of the full implications of humanist beauty”.

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