LEMAY, Ysabel

~Albert Einstein

Nature. A simple word without pretention but oh such a mighty portal of wisdom and significance.

The most common definition of nature describes it as the forces controlling the physical world. In more tangible terms, it represents everything around us: a tree that reaches out to catch the wind, the ocean within which we bathe our thoughts, an ephemeral flower displaying its fragility, the green mountain where our spirit soars, crisp autumn air that opens our heart, a nest resting in the branches of a poplar tree, hosting the bird who finds refuge within it.

But nature is so much more than this.

It is here, there, all around, living, transforming, and it never ceases to enthrall and inspire me. I let her lead throughout the rhythm of the seasons. By means of my camera, I attempt to capture her subtleties and beauty in its purest form as I interpret to you her divinity as I sense it. A leaf may appear commonplace at first glance, but when our eyes linger over it, the mundane becomes something of wonder. The arrangement of colors, the shapes that define it and the veins that crisscross throughout become the personas.
There is so much beauty in this world! We need only to take the time to surrender to the spectacle. My art is a tribute to Nature. It is an offering; A moment of contemplation.

I have chosen to expose nature’s paradox, which I take pleasure in reinventing. Breathing new life into branches desiccated by time and to flowers left to grow wild in the fields, I create new spaces allowing them to revive and take on a new reality. Every insect, every plant, every bird that I capture with my lens has an individuality that I want to enhance and share with you. It is often in the simple details wherein lies divinity.

We will share different interpretations when viewing my work as experience is unique to each of us, but if you will explore it with your heart, you will undoubtedly feel the sense of freedom that nature proposes for us. For a transient moment, allow me to transport you to an illusory place. An abode where it feels good to sojourn and revitalize oneself.

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