IBBOTT, Stephen

In his collection of new work, Stephen Ibbott draws from the semiotic resources provided by Western culture over the centuries and collapses them into a 21st century mode of visualization, playfully operating within the traditional still life genre. The works rely on the viewer’s cultural knowledge of historical objects, now so readily available through Internet propagation and Google image searches. Indeed, images from art history have become so ubiquitous that they too are now considered in the context of Pop. The trans-historical contexualizations demonstrate how the visual meanings inscribed in objects such as antiquities and eBay collectables are mutually affected and cross-pollinated. Ibbott’s idealized encapsulations of pop, modern, and antiquity begin as digitally-composed collages and are then painted freehand in oil on canvas.

Jodie Elliott
Project Manager, Exhibitions & Collections at Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art

Available work :