By probing the conventional understandings of gender and sexuality, I explore the tension between women’s lived experience, the cultural meaning that informs this experience, and the human condition in general. Transforming sheathes of wire mesh into ethereal confections that transcend the hard, commonplace materials they are made from, this work reflects life’s adversities and transformations. I encourage viewers to look beyond the surface qualities of the work, to the deeper meanings hidden within it.

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Resin coated and mounted to layers of plywood, these digital/mixed media ‘picture objects’ represent interpretations of contemporary visual culture charmed by minimalism, modernism, technology and futurism.

Recalling the colour-field and the elemental geometry of mid to late twentieth century post painterly abstraction, minimalism and op-art, these works use digital imaging as a means to navigate the territory between photography and painting, mixing references to photography, painting and television display technology.

Visualizing ephemeral and elusive environments of light, air, fission and liquid crystal luminescence, these works convey notions of the surreal and the sublime that elicit a variety of sensibilities from the quizzical, the mysterious and the light-hearted.

Combining craftsmanship with digital technology in an attempt to create a hybrid art object, the “Plasma Gel” series explore ‘the sophisticated ideal’ of modernity, high technology and urbanity as desired both personally and culturally.

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