My interest in working with landscape began with an experience in the Florida Everglades. Overwhelmingly flat grasslands, dotted with dying cypress trees extended endlessly to the horizon. As I looked, my viewpoint began to shift from seeing the field as it was, to seeing it become two dimensional. The grasses became individual strokes of color, a tapestry of calligraphic marks, layered on a rectangular shape. This moment, 25 years ago, was key to my future work – combining abstract sensibilities with a subject I cared deeply about, the land.

Striving for a balance between realism and abstraction, the process remains intuitive with each painting undergoing constant change until its final form is found. With a love for the physical paint surface, broad areas of slathered paint are richly applied, to be later sanded, etched into and surrounded by delicate mark making. This progression ultimately results in a landscape defined through a unifying web of maze-like linework. The paintings evolve slowly, gaining substance as they develop a life of their own.

Available work :