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Bobbie Burgers was born in 1973 in Vancouver, B.C. She holds a BA in Art History from the University of Victoria and has attended the Emily Car Institute of Art and Design. Burgers equates her experiences as a painter with that of dreaming, describing her practice as ‘a succession of images, thoughts or emotions passing through the mind … where layers of images float by, pile up and collage together.’ While working in her studio she closely guards ‘the moments when time slips away and dreams slip in.’

Within recent years, Bobbie’s floras’ have moved from bring portraits of flowers to portraits of time. Past, present and future play out in front of the viewers’ eye. As art critic Dorota Kozinska has stated: “Her subject matter never feels excised from nature, but rather breathed in and exhaled as art. Unstructured, bold, her textured paintings reveal layers of emotions, with brushstrokes gliding across a canvas like a caress, exposing dimensions of color and tone that subvert the nature of the flower, transforming it into a painterly landscape of abstract proportions. Expressionistic, unencumbered, her large acrylic paintings belong to a contemporary school of art, and within it, to Bobbie Burgers alone.”

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