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Mel Bochner is considered a pioneer of the Post-Minimal and Conceptual art movements. He began making prints in the early 70’s and printmaking has remained for him an essential medium for experimentation.

“Thought about systems, procedures, language – about how we are able to know anything – that is the terrain explored by Mel Bochner. His art examines the conventions, codes, and grammars we routinely use to grasp the external world. Beginning with the simplest cognitive strategies – counting, measuring, stacking, or ordering – he gradually moves on to equally basic investigations of the language of relationships: prepositions, verbs and simple logical propositions. The questions he deals with in his conceptual works, like the materials he uses, are familiar to everyone – fundamental givens in our culture. But their surface simplicity makes a serious questioning of all systems of representation, both visual and verbal.”

– Excerpt from Mel Bochner: Thought Made Visible 1966-1973, a catalogue accompanying his retrospective at Yale University Art Gallery, 1995.



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