The mesmerizing sculptures of Belgian artist Hanneke Beaumont marry the classical values of the human body as artistic expression with the principles of 20th century abstraction. Her androgynous, quietly powerful figures, presented in terra cotta and bronze invite the viewer to contemplate them as they contemplate us. There is in Beaumont ‘s world a unique tension between feminine and masculine, nature and culture, modernity and classicism that makes her sculptures appear at once timeless and contemporary. Her figures – pensive, draped in unidentifiable clothing – sit or stand on foundations that depict no age, speaking to us in the universal language of the human condition. Most of her works are untitled, in keeping with the artist’s desire not to project ideas but to allow the viewer to form his or her own interpretations. Over the past 15 years Beaumont has increasingly been regarded as one of the world’s most compelling sculptors.

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